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Master the Art of Public Speaking
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What You Will Gain

Do you have a presentation coming up, but you feel uncertain that you’re up to it?

Jim Lofton will enable you and your colleagues to be more confident, poised and persuasive speakers. You will have maximum impact on your audience after tutoring by Lofton.

On Being 100% Successful

Speaking well is a skill that is different than writing or even advocacy. But like those other skills it is critical to a lawyer’s success. Speaking well is almost always the difference between persuading an audience and not—between success and failure.

You or your attorneys can learn to transcend the adrenaline surge and deliver your message with confidence and poise.

Because your message matters.

“I am a trial attorney, but a lot of my practice consists of oral arguments before the Court of Claims. I think almost everything I learned today will help me in my practice speaking to a judge, and in trial when I do have to go to trial. Every tip about posture, gestures, organization, and speaking will help me be more thoughtful during courtroom arguments and presentations.”
Justice Department lawyer in a post-class evaluation