Lofton Legally Speaking Courses

Public Speaking

By the end of this course you will . . .
• Speak in a well structured, organized manner
• Use the techniques of persuasion effectively
• Gain the impact you desire from public speaking
• Feel confident, rather than nervous, when you need to speak

Jim is an AMAZING instructor. The way that he structured the course (going back and forth between presentation and lecture) is very conducive to learning. The environment in the classroom that he created makes learning easy—I don’t feel scared to make a mistake or intimidated. The course materials are great and I will be able to use them in the future, which I greatly appreciate.
Justice Department lawyer in a post-class evaluation

Lofton Legally Speaking classroom scene

Mindfulness and the Art of Public Speaking

By the end of this course you will . . .
• Understand the role and power of mindfulness
• Incorporate mindfulness techniques into your public speaking
• Feel greater equanimity while speaking
• Discover “speaking in the zone”