Online Trial and Oral Advocacy

Online trials and oral arguments are becoming the new normal, but they require forethought and practice different from in-person advocacy. Jim Lofton can help you master the skills you need to be an effective online advocate.

  • Where do you look and how do you connect with the judge?
  • How do you develop arguments and examinations that count?
  • When and how should you use visual aids and exhibits that will be viewed on a small screen?
  • How do you best adjust your camera angle and video feed?
  • How should you communicate with staff and co-counsel while participating in an online court appearance?
  • How do you maintain courtroom demeanor while online?

Lofton can also help with a full range of traditional advocacy and trial prep services:

  • Developing themes and theories that work.
  • Interviewing and preparing witnesses for peak testimony.
  • Structuring oral arguments that are concise, polished and to the point.
  • Developing opening statements and closing arguments that provide a narrative “hook” that engages and captures the imagination of the listener.
  • Constructing tight direct and cross examinations that provide the most impact.
  • Using exhibits and visual aids that are engaging and that matter.

Because your message matters.

Read Jim’s article 8 Tips For Effective Oral Advocacy In Virtual Court Hearings at