Jim Lofton understands what’s on the line when you have a big presentation looming ahead. . . He knows the self-doubt, the embarrassment, the fear of looking bad and losing others’ respect—that comes from not feeling fully prepared to make public presentations. Lofton has connected with hundreds of lawyers who have learned the skills they need to make their presentations in a way that is authentic, persuasive and has the most impact on the audience.

“It’s a joy to participate in Jim’s workshops. He moves people from self-doubt into confidence and teaches his students how to ensure that their messages are powerful and persuasive.”

— Michael D. Chaleff, Owner Practical Influence. Consultant, Coach, Lawyer

“As a senior federal official, Jim Lofton provided public speaking training to thousands of Assistant U.S. Attorneys, DOJ Attorneys, FAA lawyers, and other federal attorneys. The wider public now is able to benefit from Jim’s insights and his highly-interactive teaching methods. As one of Jim’s former students, I strongly recommend his training if you want to speak with confidence, clarity, and oomph, whether in the courtroom, the board room, or on Zoom. Advance your career: Hire Jim. He will take your speaking skills to the next level.”

Justin A. Savage, Partner, Sidley Austin and Co-Chair, Environmental Team

This is what Justice Department lawyers have said about Lofton’s classes:

“I am a trial attorney, but a lot of my practice consists of oral arguments before the Court of Claims. I think almost everything I learned today will help me in my practice speaking to a judge, and in trial when I do have to go to trial.
Every tip about posture, gestures, organization, and speaking will help me be more thoughtful during courtroom arguments and presentations.”

“I am already attempting to adjust my everyday speech patterns to avoid “thinking noises” and up-talking, which I did not even realize I did until this training. I believe that will make me a better communicator both in my daily interactions and in the courtroom. I also plan to refer back to the materials before my next court appearance. Thanks for a great experience!”

“Jim is an AMAZING instructor. The way that he structured the course (going back and forth between presentation and lecture) is very conducive to learning. The environment in the classroom that he created makes learning easy—I don’t feel scared to make a mistake or intimidated. The course materials are great and I will be able to use them in the future, which I greatly appreciate.”

Comments about Hugh Byrnes, co-teacher for “Mindfulness & the Art of Public Speaking”:

The Here-and-Now Habit weaves together the rigor of science and the wisdom of mindfulness to support the cultivation of healthy habits and the release of unskillful ones. Hugh G. Byrne draws on decades of personal meditation practice to offer us an illuminating work that welcomes a new way of living that has the power to transform our individual and collective lives.”

—Shauna Shapiro, PhD, coauthor of The Art and Science of Mindfulness

“The foundation of Habit Swap is that an untrained mind is the root cause of our suffering, and that the untrained mind almost always functions on autopilot or in a state of unawareness. Through his thorough exploration of mindfulness practices, Byrne shows how to lift the veil of unawareness to make what was invisible visible, leading to happiness and a sense of who we really are.”

—Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness